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Ben Hogan Grip Secret

“Learn how to hit the ball without any considerable pressure with the right thumb and forefinger…any considerable amount of pressure with the right thumb and forefinger automatically activates large muscles in the right arm and shoulder and those are NOT the muscles you want to use in a golf swing.  Those two fingers they will ruin you…causing you to lurch back and then lurch through the ball, all right arm and shoulder and all wrong.” Ben Hogan

Grip Secret will teach you how to do this instantly and automatically with no thought or effort on your part.

The only Golf Swing Trainer guaranteed to help your game or your money back.


golf swing trainer hogan 2 finger

  • “And a final word about those potential swing-wreckers, the right forefinger and thumb.” Hogan

  • “This means, in effect, subduing the natural tendency of the right forefinger and thumb to take charge. If they do, they’ll ruin you.”  Hogan