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  • Instantly fix your slice.

  • Lower your handicap immediately.

  • Longer straighter drives & iron shots.

  • Magical short game.

  • Trains proper right hand placement on the club.

  • Trains your muscle memory not to grip too firmly with the “Swing-Wreckers” the right index finger and thumb.

  • The amazing Grip Secret® is the Best Golf Training Aids in Golf because it’s an easy to use Golf Training Aid that fits over all of your own clubs and fixes so many Golf Swing flaws.

Best Golf Training Aids Guaranteed with Free Shipping
Best Golf Training Aids in Golf - Used by the Pros - Guaranteed to work - Ben Hogan Demonstrated

“Learn how to hit the ball without any considerable pressure with the right thumb and forefinger…any considerable amount of pressure with the right thumb and forefinger automatically activates large muscles in the right arm and shoulder and those are NOT the muscles you want to use in a golf swing.  Those two fingers they will ruin you…causing you to lurch back and then lurch through the ball, all right arm and shoulder and all wrong.” Ben Hogan “5 Lessons”

Best Golf Training Aids Swing Wreckers Hogan

golf grip training aid hogan

  • “And a final word about those potential swing-wreckers, the right forefinger and thumb.” Hogan

  • “This means, in effect, subduing the natural tendency of the right forefinger and thumb to take charge. If they do, they’ll ruin you.”  Hogan


Used by the Pros, Grip Secret is one of Golf’s Best Golf Training Aids.   Easy to use fitting over all your own clubs and Guaranteed to improve your game or your money back.

The Best Golf Training Aids in Golf – Grip Secret™ will take your game to the next level.

  • Watch yourself hit great golf shots with your own clubs.

  • Hit your targets with great golf shots.

  • Gain confidence and take great practice shots to the course easier with your own clubs.


“The Best Golf Training Aids in Golf because it fixes so many thing in your swing and it’s so easy to use.  Hogan secret produced consistent golf shots with little to no sidespin.  Hogan was old school. He wanted only the people that took the time to figure it out to “get it”. He wanted people to “dig it out of the dirt” work for it in other words. Is this cover photo of his book subtle enough?  Hogan’s secret has been hiding in plain sight all these years.  So small most of the world missed it and they think, “how could that be it?” It’s too simple. It’s the little things in Golf that are really big things. Why does the Grip Secret work? When squeezed too tightly the thumb and index finger keep the golfer from releasing the club consistently.  Most golfers, even really good players, do not realize how hard they are gripping with the “swing wreckers”, the right forefinger and thumb.  Grip Secret will train your muscle memory to do Hogan’s secret to ball striking…consistent golf shots with little to no sidespin.
Best Golf Training Aids in Golf - Used by the Pros - Guaranteed to work - PGA LogoTroy Mangone – Inventor and 20 year PGA Teaching Professional

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Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf (1st Edition)
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