GRIP SECRET INSTRUCTIONS: Grip Secret fits on the club (as pictured below) in between the right forefinger and thumb.  The “V” points between your right shoulder and chin.  The picture below is what it should look like on the club with the “V” pointing somewhere between the right shoulder and chin.  Hogan said it should point to your right eye.  The thumb is to the left of the “V” and the index finger wraps around to the right of the “V”.  Grip Secret fits up into the fingers as pictured and not back into the palm of the hand.  If your left thumb is hitting the Grip Secret then it is too far back in your palm.


grip secret hand position

It really works.  The more you practice with Grip Secret the more it will become second nature for you to not grip too tightly with the “Swing-Wreckers.”   This will help all aspects of your game from full swing to chipping and putting.  It is cheating to use Grip Secret during play. ;)