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Golf Lessons from one of the greatest players of all time – Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan on the best Golf Lessons ever

“Learn how to hit the ball without the right thumb and forefinger applying any considerable pressure…any considerable amount of pressure with the right thumb and forefinger automatically activates large muscles in the right arm and shoulder and those are NOT the muscles you want to use in a golf swing. Those two fingers will ruin you…causing you to lurch back and then lurch through the ball, all right arm and shoulder and all wrong.” Ben Hogan “5 Lessons”

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Grip Secret™ – the best Golf Lessons you have ever had.

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golf swing trainer hogan 2 finger

  • “And a final word about those potential swing-wreckers, the right forefinger and thumb.” Hogan

  • “This means, in effect, subduing the natural tendency of the right forefinger and thumb to take charge. If they do, they’ll ruin you.”  Hogan

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Watch and listen as Ben Hogan himself explains in this rare video from later in his life.

“Before you spend $100’s of dollars on Golf Lessons try learning this little secret. Grip Secret is the best Golf Lesson you will ever have because it teaches you the secret to club face awareness. Being aware of where the club face is at impact will improve your entire game. Grip Secret will improve your full swing as well as chipping, pitching and putting. Grip Secret will improve your entire game and is multiple Golf Lessons in one.”

Josh Gregory PGA Tour Instructor

The Grip Secret will enable you to repeat a swing, to hit more shots and will make you long and straight.  It’s multiple Golf Lessons in one and it’s the best Golf Lesson you have ever had or your money back.