In my Top 10 Training Aids of 2018 post I highlighted Grip Secret in the top 10. After getting a chance to use it a lot I love it. It’s compact in size but huge on game improvement. Click here to see me using it in action.

Grip Secret quickly attaches to your club and it allows you to take the proper grip. Back in my younger days there used to be a molded grip that was designed to be the “proper” grip for a club. It was on a heavy weighted club but you couldn’t put the grip on your clubs because it was illegal. Well that didn’t do a lot for practicing and taking it to the course.

When you’re out working on a range session and need that reminder you can put this on any club and use it. If you are on the course and struggling the Grip Secret is so small you can take it out of your bag and get that quick fix. Click here to see more Golfing Dads Gifts