Got back issues?  This lower back stretch will change your life.  In Yoga this pose is called Mālāsana. The disks in your back that cushion the vertebrae in time become flattened and the “bulging” of these disks hit the sciatic nerve that runs along the sides of the vertebrate.  This is what causes the pain.

What this pose will do for you:

?In expands the disks in your lower back allowing blood to get in and re-expand the disks.  When these disks these “cushions” for the vertebrae in your back are re-expanded your pain will go away.  This stretch when done properly will make your back new again.

How to do this stretch properly:

1. Go all the way down until your butt hits your heals. (Or as close as possible…ALL THE WAY DOWN.  DO NOT BOUNCE.  DO NOT HOVER.

2. Keep your back straight.  The straighter you keep your back the more you will expand the lower parts of your backs disks.  This is key.

3. Keep your weight back on your heels.

4. Hold on to something if needed but hold the stretch for at least a minute.

5. When you get the point that you don’t have to hold on to something put your elbows inside your knees (as pictured at the end of the video) and push out while being sure you keep your back straight.  This will stretch visually YOUR ENTIRE BODY!

5. Here is a secret to a Golf swing that most don’t know…CALF FLEXIBILITY.  You will not need to hold on to something if your calves are flexible enough…more on how this affects a Golf Swing in another post.  Wanna change your game dramatically?  Work on your calf flexibility.  I will respond to all questions and there are ZERO dumb questions.  Please don’t be shy.  Demonstrated by @Jsaavedraaa *






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