With removable weight in: LENGTH: 35in.     WEIGHT: 1.8lbs. with removable weight on     

With removable weight in: LENGTH: 33in.     WEIGHT: 14oz with removable weight off 

The TDX Golf Swing Trainer is perfect for indoor use and travel. This Golf Swing Tempo & Power Trainer is the perfect compliment to Grip Secret as the two together train a complete Golf Swing.  It’s convenient length and versatile design are perfect for men, women, seniors, and teens.

The complete Golf Swing Training program…a tempo and strength Swing Trainer and Grip Secret.

Your total off-season/ indoor golf / can’t get to the range improvement program.

Only 35” long, heavy 1.8 lbs. and flexible so you can feel the whip.  You can easily swing inside to work on your: Strength? Flexibility & Tempo. 

?35” length is perfect for indoor use and travel.
?Flexible shaft for maximum feedback similar to the longer trainers
?Removable weight at bottom to make it lighter or heavy to pref.
?Simulates a golf strike with a click at the bottom for maximum feedback. (don’t want the click?  Turn weight upside down for silent mode.)

Put the Grip Secret on and instantly train:

?Plane: You can’t get on plane without Grip Secret.

?Power &  ?Power Angle: more Strength & lag = 300 yard drives

⛳️???‍♂️consistent release of the club through impact…no flipping, no hanging on

?‍♂️Pitching and Chipping Wizardry with those super spinning pitching and chip shots.

?Grip Placement: this can get of whack so easy.