The amazing Grip Secret® is an easy to use Golf Swing Trainer that fits over all of your own clubs. It’s the best Golf Lesson you will ever give or receive. Grip Secret trains proper right hand placement on the club and also trains your muscle memory not to grip too firmly with the “Swing-Wreckers” (Hogan’s words) the right index finger and thumb. Both are keys to a great repeating Golf Swing, chipping and putting. Instantly improve your entire game.
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How to take the confidence you learn on the practice tee to the Golf Course with Josh Gregory PGA Tour Coach. The Grip Secret fits over your existing clubs so you can take the confidence you build on the practice tee to the golf course with ease.
  • Instantly fix your slice or hook.

  • Lower your handicap immediately.

  • Never shoot in the 90’s again.

  • Your will love what it does for your game or your money back.

  • The Best Golf Training Aid.

  • Grip Secret – Golf’s secret to great ball striking will instantly improve all aspects of your game.